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Naturally Improving Low Testosterone

Aaaaahhhh, natural remedies. You’re probably thinking to yourself: “Not this again. Some Hippie, all natural, herb eating, Zen practice.”  The natural remedies we’re about to suggest are not that extreme, and they can be helpful when looking at natural alternatives...

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When Joint Pain May be Something More

You’re out on the golf course every weekend getting a few rounds in; it’s been a favorite pastime of yours for many years, and you enjoy this activity for a little bit of R&R time. However, lately, you’ve noticed your swing is missing a shot or two. Your back,...

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Testosterone Replacement without Any Pain

When people talk about testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), they may think it is helpful for refilling testosterone in males who are lacking testosterone. Testosterone is the hormone in males, and is considered that most significant male hormone, without which men...

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7 Symptoms of Low Testosterone

Every time I hear the word “testosterone”, the first person that comes to my mind is Austin Powers.  That fictional character is a representation of the sexual revolution that boomed during the” swing” era. Apart from Austin’s representation of the sixties, he also...

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Drive for Five

To keep your body running like a well-oiled machine, you need to eat right, exercise routinely, get plenty of rest, and do other generally good things on a regular basis. It's also important to know how you measure up against the five most common risks to men's...

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US Health Rankings Show Alarming Trends

Today, United Health Foundation unveiled its latest round of America's Health Rankings. The rankings are a national look at health problems and progress. The report reveals that while Americans are living longer, many are living sicker. Dr. Reed Tuckson, chief of...

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