Today, United Health Foundation unveiled its latest round of America’s Health Rankings. The rankings are a national look at health problems and progress.

The report reveals that while Americans are living longer, many are living sicker. Dr. Reed Tuckson, chief of medical affairs for United Health Group told that “some key risk factors that are driving up preventable chronic illness are getting worse.”

One of the trends Tuckson is concerned with the most is the number of Americans who live sedentary lifestyles outside of work; more than 26 percent of the U.S. is physically inactive. Other major health issues highlighted in the report that that need to be addressed include, obesity and children living in poverty.

The report was not all bad news. Death rates from heart disease and cancer are on the decline (30 percent decreases in heart disease deaths since 1990). Data also suggests that there is an increase in physical activity in youth, including after-school activities and structured play time. 

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