You might be researching low testosterone because you are trying to find answers. You may have been to the doctor recently and found out your blood levels were off; or something wasn’t quite right.

Low testosterone affects many aspects of health; men over the age of 65 with low testosterone are at a higher risk for anemia. A 2009 study shows that older men with low testosterone are almost five times more likely to be anemic than men with normal levels.

Testosterone Therapy as a Treatment

Testosterone is a stimulant that helps rejuvenate and rebuild red blood cells. It is reasonable to believe that with a lower testosterone level there may be negative effects; which brings us back to anemia.

Testosterone therapy is not a cure for anemia, though it will stimulate the development and reproduction of red blood cells, which may help in preventing an anemic blood disorder. And in the study conducted the higher the testosterone levels the slimmer the likelihood of getting anemia. 

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