The Proven Science Behind Ageless Men’s Health Testosterone Treatments

We keep you in balance, week after week, year after year

Taking the Guesswork Out Of Your Health

You’ve been diagnosed with low testosterone. You’re looking around for cures, finding all sort for miracles online. We don’t offer miracles. We offer proven, scientific ways to boost your testosterone, keep you in balance, and keep you healthy. That’s our mission. That’s our promise.

Our Easy and Sustainable Low-T Treatments

One injection. Once a week. Consistent energy.

Our proven treatments consists of one quick and painless testosterone injection once a week, on your time and on your schedule. These injections are:

  • Highly-regulated
  • Supervised by a medical professional
  • Designed specifically for your testosterone-boosting needs
  • Aligned with your body’s natural hormonal levels
  • Easy, sustainable, and proven

There’s no guesswork. There’s no risk of over-or-under use. There’s just a straightforward, personal treatment designed and implemented by a professional. And it works.

The Science Behind Our Low-T Treatment

The Half Life of Testosterone

A testosterone shot peaks at 3 days and starts to subside by day 7. By having one small shot a week, you are always at the level of T you need to stay energized.

Not Too High, Not Too Low

Some shots give you too much T, and then let it subside over the course of a month. We make sure that you have the right amounts at all times.

The Estrogen Layer

A man’s body converts used testosterone into estrogen. We provide another medicine along with your shot to manage that level and stay in balance.

Protect Your Natural Production

We use Human Chorionic Gonadotropin as a chemical analogue to Lutenizing Hormone – your body’s signal to turn on its production. This protects your natural production while you are on our Therapy and, yes, it protects and maintains testicular size.

Treatments That Work Right Away

Testosterone replacement therapy is a relatively painless procedure. Ageless Men’s Health uses injectable testosterone cypionate. This therapy is designed to supplement what your body is not producing in sufficient quantities.

Injections are given in the gluteal or deltoid muscle, alternating sides with each injection. Injections are given every 7 days to maintain therapeutic levels throughout the week.

Men often report that they notice a difference in the way they feel within the first three weeks of beginning therapy.

This is more than a job

“This is more than a job. Ageless Men’s Health is a rewarding career spent helping people I care about live their best lives.”

– Debi Holley, Clinic Director

More Treatments For A Fuller You

Testosterone Injections are part of your overall healthier lifestyle at Ageless Men’s Health. Our other services include:

Weight Loss Solutions

Natural lipotropic injections give your liver the boost it needs to metabolize fats quicker, helping with healthy and natural weight management, no matter your goals. We work with your body.

Reach Your Goals

Skin Care Treatment

At Ageless Men’s Health, we use advanced science and FDA-approved procedures to create sustainable solutions to skin care. Look better and take control of your health. (In select locations)

Treat Your Skin

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