Depression linked to Low Testosterone

You’re feeling bad, and there’s no explanation for your crummy mood. Your day to day life is going great, nothing has recently changed, yet you cannot seem to shake that “down” feeling.

In a study conducted in Munich, men with depression were also found to have low testosterone. The study also revealed that cortisol levels were 68% higher in men with depression; the higher the cortisol level the lower the testosterone level; resulting in a more severe and major depression.

Your brain has many cells that are testosterone receptors; the low level of testosterone your brain receives affects your mood. Studies show when testosterone replacement therapy was used to bring hormone levels back into balance, men’s moods improved and became lighter.

Experiencing Symptoms of Depression?

If you are experiencing symptoms of depression and any of the other symptoms below, we encourage you to get your testosterone levels checked.

Lack of Energy

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Declining Libido

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Weak Erections

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Poor Sleep

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Decreased Muscle + Strength

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Decreased Performance + Concentration

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