When people talk about testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), they may think it is helpful for refilling testosterone in males who are lacking testosterone. Testosterone is the hormone in males, and is considered that most significant male hormone, without which men will not be able to enjoy their life.

Testosterone is produced by the testicles and its creation is strongly connected to males’ health. It is a vital hormone as it maintains the reproductive organs and features of masculinity like the growth of body and facial hair.

Effect of Low Testosterone Level

Age greatly affects the production of testosterone at an age before 40s. The level of testosterone is higher compared to when a man reaches his 40s. This is why there is ample energy and interest for sex. However, if you’re still young but you no longer have sexual interest, always feeling tired even with sufficient sleep, and gaining weight, then there is a big possibility that the level of your testosterone is low. At a young age, the level of testosterone must be 15-19nmol/L. Lower than this range may signify an abnormal male hormone production.

Also, testosterone is essential in maintaining healthy muscles and bones. Men with low testosterone level may experience psychological and physical changes. These changes include muscle mass loss, enlarged fat buildup in the stomach area, poor sleep, and depression. While still young, you will not think that it can be due to your body’s testosterone level.

Good thing, deficiency in testosterone level can be upturned and treated. Male testosterone replacement therapy can be already had by those who are having this kind of problem. There are many options available on how to receive testosterone. Testosterone is available through oral medication, daily topical gel, or injection. Testosterone replacement treatment is more efficient for older males because if made in young males, this may affect their capacity for sperm production. This is mainly the reason why young men should first know the root problem prior to commencing any testosterone replacement treatment.

Various Forms of Testosterone Replacement Treatment

Oral Testosterone

This comes in capsules and tablet forms. Many men choose this testosterone replacement due to its easy administration, easy to discontinue, and the dozing can be customized according to the needs of the patient. Although it is painless, this kind directly affects the liver compare to the other forms of TRT.

 Testosterone Patch

This testosterone therapy patch is helpful since it discharges testosterone in a manner that imitates how a testosterone of a man is normally released. A disadvantage about the patch is that it can cause skin irritation in some males who have sensitive skin.

Testosterone Gels

Testosterone gels are one of the most preferred because of its painless effect. Also, they do not have big fluctuations in the testosterone levels. Gels are likewise easy to use, and do not cause any skin irritations.

These testosterone replacement therapy forms are a must for older male who can no longer perform their best in bed. Any of the forms above mentioned can surely help increase libido. Apart from that, you can save time and more importantly, they offer no pain.