Symptoms of Low Testosterone & Male Menopause

Are you low on testosterone?

You could be, if you are experiencing any of the following symptoms:

Declining Libido

Testosterone has a direct effect on waning sex drive, leading to a more satisfying sexual experience and healthier personal relationships. More

Lack of Energy

Testosterone helps produce sustainable energy for the day, enhancing work, sporting or leisure activties. More

Weak Erections

Testosterone may enhance the quality of erections, restoring confidence and enjoyment to the sexual encounter. More

Poor Sleep

Testosterone helps regulate sleep patterns, producing restful nights, and a more energetic start to the day. More

Decreased Enjoyment of Life, Grumpiness and/or Depression

Testosterone assists in stabilizing mood and creating balance that will positively impact work and personal relationships. More

Decreased Strength and Endurance

Testosterone directly enhances your overall strength and endurance, giving you the means to accomplish your goals more effectively. More

Declining Ability to Concentrate

Testosterone restores motivation and focus creating a more productive you, regardless of activity. More