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The Health Risks of Low T Can Change Your Life

We know what it feels like to have Low T: you feel tired, you don’t have the energy to do things, and you don’t feel like yourself. As bad as those are, Low T can also come with serious health risks that can reduce your quality of life in the future.

You can fight that though. By getting diagnosed with Low T, and starting a unique and sustainable testosterone treatment, you can minimize the change of long-term Low T health risks.

Health Risks of Low Testosterone


Men over the age of 65 with low testosterone are at a higher risk for anemia. A 2009 study shows that older men with low testosterone are almost five times more likely to be anemic than men with normal levels.

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Cardiovascular Health

Risk for cardiovascular illnesses is greatly increased in men with low testosterone. This can lead to high blood pressure and arterial stiffness as well as many other cardiovascular related illnesses.

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Men with low testosterone are more apt to develop diabetes later on down the road. Additionally, men with diabetes are more likely to have low testosterone.

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Increased Body Fat

Low testosterone and increased body fat, as well as obesity, are all linked. Multiple studies indicate increased body fat can lower men’s testosterone levels, and low testosterone can cause an increase in body fat.

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Low T + Aging

With aging comes a lower level of life sustaining hormones. As we age, those vital hormones decrease which increases the chance of illness as well as disease. In men, as testosterone levels decline their risk of dying increases dramatically.

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See Our Low T Treatments

We’re the scientific leaders in men’s overall health. Our Low T treatments are proven, scientific ways to boost your testosterone, keep you in balance, and keep you healthy.

Other Low T treatments give you too much testosterone or too little, and don’t take into account the half-life of the injection. Ours is calibrated for your exact needs, and leaves you feeling your best, every week.

It’s three minutes a week to feeling better. It’s science so you live better.

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How Low Testosterone Can Lead to Depression

You’re feeling bad, and there’s no explanation for your crummy mood. Your day to day life is going great, nothing has recently changed, yet you cannot seem to shake that “down” feeling.

In a study conducted in Munich, men with depression were also found to have low testosterone. The study also revealed that cortisol levels were 68% higher in men with depression; the higher the cortisol level the lower the testosterone level; resulting in a more severe and major depression.

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