ketogenic diet weight ossThe number one roadblock everyone faces when losing weight is gaining that weight back. It is very discouraging to work really hard just to have more weight pile back on. There is a scientific reasoning for this odd body function.

Large meals persisting of carbohydrates can create a problem in your dieting. In order to maintain a healthy blood glucose level it is recommended to eat every few hours. Since glucose is your bodies fuel, this dieting method often causes either fatigue from under eating, or weight gain from over eating. It is really hard to find the sweet spot of eating just right with respect to  carbohydrates.

Limiting your carb intake will train your body to switch from primary burning and using up glucose, to burning fat instead. In doing so, you are essentially shocking your body and tricking it into thinking it needs to burn fat to survive. When your body makes this vital switch, you will begin to see results from your dieting and weight loss regiment. This dieting style is often called Ketogenic, because after burning fat your body produces ketones, which are a healthy byproduct of burning fat.

Here are three scientifically proven items of note when regarding Ketogenic dieting and training:

1. Highly Active Workouts Help Trick the Body into Burning Fat – Doing workouts like sprints, light weights/high reps, and crossfit will help switch from burning glucose to fat. Since these activities burn through resources at a fast rate, the body has nothing else to do but to turn to it’s fat reserves for energy.

2. Exercising consistently – Exercising is important, but maintaining a consistent schedule of active fitness is even more important. Exercising regularly will get the body in the routine of having to perform these tasks on a daily basis. This means an increased metabolism, which results in more energy being burned and used up, which results in fat being needed as an energy resource.

3. Ketogenic dieting can be achieved with a moderate protein, high-fat, low carb diet. Athletes are known to use this eating regiment of limited carbs, 15-25% protein, 60-70% fat, and the rest carbs. If it will work for superhuman athletics it will work for you!

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