IPL Photofacials: Skin Care That Fits Into Your Life

No downtime. No excessive redness. No hiding from the world. Easy skincare on your schedule.

Walk-In IPL Services For Men and Women

Skincare treatment should make your life easier. It shouldn’t make you miss work or spend excessive times recovering. At Ageless Men’s Health, you can get the skin you want on your schedule.

No downtime. No waiting. Just the skin you want.

With treatment currently available at six locations, we have the facilities and the technology to treat common facial skin issues. It’s your skin on your time.

What IPL Photofacials Can Do For You

IPL Photofacials are the easy, low-key way to have sustainable skincare.

They Can be Used to:
  • Even skin tone
  • Targets reds and browns, causing body to squeeze them out
  • Correct rosacea
  • Reduce or eliminate acne scarring
  • Smooth out burst veins
  • Stimulate collagen growth, leading to younger, healthier skin
  • Reduce wrinkles
If you have skincare needs on your face, IPL Photofacials from Ageless Men’s Health is the treatment that fits into your life.

How We Make IPL Photofacials Fit Into Your Life

Many women and men are reluctant to approach skin care, citing cost, time of treatment, time spent recovering, and potential pain. We eliminate all of those.

Our process is:
  1. Initial consulting. Treatment is uniquely calibrated for skin type and needs.
  2. Initial 10-15 minutes test run to gauge body reaction. Treatment is later increased or reduced based on reaction.
  3. Painless treatments.  A little bit of heat and light, often described as a light tap from a rubberband.
  4. Shorter sessions. As you move forward, sessions are shorter and easier, with most people returning no more than once-a-month.
The No-Downtime Approach To Photofacials.

There are treatments that cost more and happen less frequently.

These are large bursts of IPL with some life-impacting results. These Include:

  • Several days of intense redness
  • The need to avoid the sun
  • Much higher costs
  • The potential to miss work or other life events
It’s affordable, it’s accessible, there’s no downtime, and at Ageless Men’s Health, there are NO UPSALES. There’s no pressure. There’s just light.

How Ageless Men’s Health Makes Photofacials Easy

When you visit our clinics, you meet with a licensed and trained professional who knows your needs. They know exactly what your photofacial regiment is. And at Ageless Men’s Health, we make it easy.

Walk-in: no appointment needed

Professionals who know your needs

No waiting, no lines

Easy to maintain consistent low-key regime that requires no downtime

Our Clinical Experience is designed around your life

Learn how

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Feel Better, Look Better, Live Better

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