exercise improves low testosterone levelsScientists recently collected the data from over a dozen studies related to COPD and testosterone levels. The analysis was conducted from 15 individual studies.  Nine of the studies were specific to the testosterone levels in COPD patients, while the other six were random controlled observations of testosterone therapy in COPD patients.

COPD patients were found with low levels of testosterone in their systems. They found that patients could hinder the effects of COPD on their testosterone by using testosterone therapy.  In most cases the men were able to increase their exercise capacity.

In the first nine studies, 2918 people  were found to have dramatically lower testosterone levels. The other six studies on testosterone therapy had 287 patients with one control group that was in a placebo therapy. It was shown that the therapy boosted the standardized peak muscle strength in the men. However, it did not aid in providing the patient with more oxygen intake. One of the reasons believed that the therapy did not improve oxygen intake was because the disease over time does permanent damage to individuals airways, air sacs, and lung walls.

While the long lasting implications of testosterone therapy in COPD patients has not been concluded, the short term gains in exercise performance is a very good sign towards the future for those suffering from COPD. The best way to deal with COPD is to identify it early and take all preventative measures to slow the progress of the disease. Testosterone therapy is not a cure for the disease, however it will provide some improvements to an individuals health, which is much needed in battling this incurable disease.

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