Self-inject at home

Step by Step Guide:

1. With freshly-washed or gloved hands, remove the contents of the package. You’ll notice that this is a child-proof package — do keep it out of reach of children. Push down on the button to release the zipper.
2. Inside you’ll find a bag and a container, your syringes containing your medicine are kept in the container, which is also child-proof. Simply apply pressure to the cap with your palm and twist counter-clockwise.
3. Inside the bag, you’ll find alcohol prep pads for sterilizing your skin where you’ll be doing the injection and the needle.
4. Right now, everything is closed and free from contamination.
5. To attach the needle, simply unscrew the red plug from the syringe. By unscrewing the red plug, you are now opening the syringe to contamination— therefore, the inside area underneath that plug should not be touched. Similarly, the orange/attachment part of the needle should not be touched. Pull apart the packaging of the needle just enough to expose the orange/attachment part. Then, twist the same part of the needle into the syringe. This is done with a clockwise tightening motion. While you twist, apply just a bit of pressure with your hand holding the syringe to ensure a secure fit.
6. Once you’ve attached the needle to the syringe, the shot is now closed and invulnerable to contamination.
7. The alligator-like clip you see there is used after your injection to cover the needle before you dispose of the shot. This is a one-use only shot. Never reuse needles or syringes.
8. When you’re ready to inject, simply pop the cap off of the needle and give it a little push to ensure a secure fit with no air bubbles.
9. On to the injection point: this is an intra-muscular injection into the glute. As you can see in the illustration in the video, if you were to draw a straight, horizontal line from your tail bone across to your side, you now know to inject above that line. And if you were to draw a straight, vertical line down the center of your buttock, you now know to inject on the side of that line farther from your tail bone. What you’re aiming for is the glute — it should feel meaty, like a muscle.
10. When you’ve found the spot, swabbed it with the alcohol wipe, and are ready to go, in one fell swoop, pop the needle into the glute. You want to go deep enough to get through the fat beneath your skin to the muscle. With even pressure, push the plunger of the syringe down until it’s fully drained. Once you’re done, simply press the alligator clip down against a hard surface to secure the needle and place the used shot in a container, out of reach of children, for proper disposal.


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