Medical conditions diabetes and cholesterol checkedUp until recently, low testosterone has predominantly been linked to males who have low sex drive, decreased mood, even type 2 diabetes.  Now research in Australia is showing that males that are diabetic type 1 are frequently showing signs of lowered testosterone. The study also demonstrated a direct correlation between insulin resistance which is common in diabetics, and low levels of testosterone.

The study included men with a documented history of both diabetes type 1 and 2.  The participants took part in a blood panel test that measured their blood glucose levels, as well as presence of low testosterone. Almost 44 percent of the men that were positive for diabetes type 2 also showed low T. Additionally, 1 in 5 men that were type 1 diabetic were also positive for low testosterone.  This is the first research of its type to show a direct link between diabetes and low testosterone, but it is still unclear as to which one causes the other.

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