lumberjacking improves low testosteroneEverything about lumberjacking screams out manly. Now this perception can be backed by science as well. In an ongoing study, lumberjacks who where cutting wood shown some of the highest boost in testosterone. Before starting to grow your lumberjack beard, read this article that highlights this important study on the reduced rates of testosterone in western men and how to combat it.

In a University of California study, Lumberjacks were shown to have a 46.8% increase in testosterone before performing their job. Time magazine highlighted the study showing that compared to competitive sports like soccer, there is a full 17 percent boost in testosterone from cutting wood.

With today’s jobs being non-labor intensive, men all around the world may be loosing out on precious testosterone. While active activities like working out and competitive sports provide testosterone boosts, none of them have the same effect as cutting wood. This is surprising due to it’s low competitive nature.

This boost in testosterone lumberjacks get is not just limited to the men. Women as well were shown to have a significant boost in testosterone while cutting wood. This is a very significant discovery because normally testosterone is linked with aggression and competition.

Western culture has drifted away from the aggressive and competitive activities. Despite social culture, taking part in these activities proved a needed testosterone boost. Compared to Amazonian men who are far more active than western men, they would have a decline in the rate of decay in their testosterone with age.

It was noted that this testosterone boost from these various activities were not limited to younger men. Men of all ages have seen a similar boost when performing these activities. If you have low testosterone and not enough time for working out or competitive sports, take an axe to the nearest tree! 

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