Schedule an Appointment Form

  1. Click on the form and select ‘Edit Form’
  2. To add another location to the drop down click in the area of the Location Preference Field > Edit Options > Simply type in the new location in the place you want the location to appear > Click Save Options
  3. To update the email recipient click ‘Settings’ in the top menu bar > Emails > click the pencil icon to change / update email address of the recipient of the form
  4. To add the location email address for the selected location click Conditions > Change E-mail Recipient >
  5. Click on the plus sign to add a new location email
  6. Select the following in the drop downs: Location Preference > Is Equal to > select location > Notification 1 > type email address of the location

Individual Location Forms

  1. Select the form you want to edit or clone by clicking on Edit Form or More option. To clone click clone form. 
  2. Rename the form at the top by clicking on the name
  3. To update the recipient click on the pencil icon
  4. Update the email address
  5. Now you need to add the iframe code to the website. Click on Publish in the top menu bar > Embed > iFrame > 
  6. Click ‘Copy Code’ button
  7. Go to the page on the back end, click on Form 
  8. Paste the code in the module