secrets to weight lossThere is a lot of different advice on weight loss programs and diets all over the internet but the secret to losing weight is not just watching calorie intake and exercise. According to “5 Metabolic Secrets for Weight Management,” it is also a balance of the mathematical calorie counting and exercise a long with sleep and eating routines, stress management, meal delays, high protein diet and doing what is best for the body as a whole.

It is said that the human body will not burn calories if its sleep patterns or eating patterns are interrupted and irregular. All of the calorie counting in the world won’t help the body to lose weight if it is not getting adequate sleep on a regular basis. The body will become imbalanced when meals are not served around the same time everyday as well. Keeping a routine ensures the body and keeps it balanced and not working against its weight loss goal. Planning meals and going to bed on time will increase calorie burning and promote a healthier life.

Stress plays an important role in weight loss. The body’s natural defense to stress causes it to conserve fat. When stressed it loses its ability to burn fat adequately, slowing down the ability to lose weight. Relaxation techniques should be employed when possible to avoid a counter reaction to weight loss. Learning to relax during everyday annoyances, such as: while driving or on the everyday go will increase chances of weight loss and improve health.

For some weight loss seekers it is important to remember that while eating every two to three hours to keep up metabolism is good, it is not good to eat too frequently based on emotional circumstances. For some it may be best to hold off for a while before eating by exercising and making sure that a meal is necessary. For others with hormonal or stress concerns eating on time maybe the best option.

The kind of calories the body takes in accounts for some of its ability to avoid weight gain. If most of the calories consumed are protein they will turn to muscle which will burn more fat calories. Eating more protein helps to maintain muscle, while eating more fat depletes this muscle. Therefore, high protein foods should help the body to obtain its weight loss goal quicker and more efficiently.

The fifth secret, according to the article “5 Metabolic Secrets for Weight Management,“ is that there is no actual secret just that the body receives the right nutrients on the right schedule with as little as possible stress. This along with regular diet and exercise should lead to body chemistry that will create permanent weight loss and a healthier style than temporary weight loss from calorie counting and exercise alone. 

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