effects of hormone deficiencyHormones have a major impact on our lives as humans as they often affect our emotions, our body, and our mind. Maintaining a proper balance of hormones offers a wide array of benefits to both women and men. The more knowledgeable you become about the hormones prevalent in your body system the more you will be able to minimize the negative effects associated with the lack of certain hormones.

Ever think of what hormones are prevalent in men as compared to women. Hormones present in men and women in include estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone at levels that help maintain the normal functioning of their body. Low estrogen levels tend to explain some of the hypogonadal symptoms present in men.

Hormones have affected our body since infancy. Shortly after birth, newborn baby boys and girls have experienced an enlargement of breasts because the mother’s hormones happen to pass through the placenta during pregnancy. Due to the increases in hormonal levels among mothers, both newborn boys and girls are experienced increases in hormonal levels. A little over a decade later, hormones began to change the body of boys and girls during puberty. Hormones have been a part of your body for quite some time. As a result, hormonal levels have varying effects on your mind and body.

Every hormone has a certain level that needs to be reached in order to sustain development. Any significant deficiency or lack of hormone generally results in negative affects to your body and emotional state of mind. For example, men that are deficient in testosterone experience changes in bone mass, muscle size and strength. On the contrary, deficiency in estrogen levels contributes to increases in body fat. Collectively, declining levels of testosterone and estrogen leads to a decrease in sexual function.

Low hormonal levels can be detected through a blood test performed by a physician in the morning when hormonal levels appear to be the highest.

Research studies have shown that estrogen is crucial in the regulation of body fat, bone metabolism, as well as sexual drive. Estrogen deficiency is accountable for male hypogonadism and the various symptoms that result from decreased estrogen levels. Properly measuring, managing, and maintaining estradiol is useful in evaluation and assessment of the risks involved with bone loss, fat accumulation and sexual dysfunction in men.

Although hormones are present in all men and women, hormonal levels differ from one individual to another. It is therefore essential that you get your hormones tested so that you’re aware of the hormonal levels present in your body. Since hormone levels tend to affect the functioning of your body, emotions, and mind, proper assessment and maintenance of your hormonal levels will decrease your chances of suffering from hypogonadal symptoms. Men should test their hormonal levels regularly especially since low levels of estrogen result in hypogonadal symptoms. 

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